Manager development at scale

On-the-job training for managers to improve team performance.

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What we believe in
Human capital is your company's most valuable asset.

Who we are

We're passionate about helping organizations focus on their people to ultimately create a happier, more productive, and more diverse workplace.

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What we do

Our goal is to make managers' lives easier.

We shadow a manager during their 1:1s with employees to offer personalized feedback. Based on manager assessments and on-the-job shadowing, we provide tailored coaching for the manager to improve.


Our Product

1:1s between managers and their employees are analyzed to provide ongoing feedback
Personalized Strategy
Personalized guidance for how to effectively manage people, especially during times of transition
Peer Coaching
Connect with other managers in a monthly peer group to discuss common challenges
Make a manager's life easier
Well-intentioned managers have a lot on their plate. Let's give them the tools they need to focus on their teams and make people management easier.
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